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Puglia is a wonderful strip of land protruding South-East into the Mediterranean Sea. It is also known as "the heel of Italy", with reference to the country “boot” shape.

In Puglia there are five geographical areas: Appennino Dauno, Gargano, Murgia, which includes also the Itria Valley, Tavoliere and Salento. Its shores are washed by the Adriatic Sea to the East and the Ionic Sea to the West and it borders with the regions of Basilicata, Campania and Molise.

Puglia is crossed by many ancient routes and paths, great reminders of the legendary and eroic journeys of the Greek and Roman people who inhabited this land. Here it is also possible to see much evidence of the prehistoric age, such as menhirs and dolmens, but also more recent buildings, very characteristic of this region, such as Trulli in the Itria valley (Unesco World Heritage), Basilian crypts, and magnificent “masseria” farms.

During the first millennium B.C. the region was settled by the Dauni people, the Peucetii people, the Messapians and later by many Magna Graecia colonies, especially in the Southern part of the region, Salento, where an ancient Greek dialect is still spoken in many villages of the so called “Grecìa Salentina” area. Most of this ancient culture survived also in food and music while it is still possible to admire the beauty of the Greek gold jewels kept in Taranto museum.

In an endless variety of colours and landscapes, Puglia combines together the beauty of seaside towns and olive tree groves, majestic cliffs on the coasts near Castro, sandy beaches around Brindisi and Gallipoli area and the wild and luxurious nature of Gargano; but also the romanesque style in Bari and the Baroque architecture in Lecce, which are both beautiful examples of these styles in Italy.

In Puglia you will experience a holiday that you will never forget, especially in summer: the sun, the crystal clear sea, the coastlines stretching along 800km, but also the myriad of gastronomic, cultural and music events make this region one of the most popular holiday escape in Italy.

As for the delightful typical products of Puglia, there is a large and varied high quality production of wheat, grapes, olives, homemade pasta, cheese, wine, oil, fruits and vegetables as well as a great abundance of fresh fish and seafood: all these are fundamental ingredients of our cuisine, a simple and genuine one, based on strong but balanced flavours which will surprise you with many and unexpected recipes and combinations. You will also discover local and traditional handicraft, such as papier-mache works and clay and pottery works with traditional decorations.

Puglia is a truly welcoming region: it has embraced and taken care for centuries of all the travelers who have come to visit its territories and it still offers a remarkable experience to those who come to enjoy its beauty.